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The 25-Hour Advanced Online Training for the Responsible Adult Course is designed to cultivate essential skills in Child Development, Guidance, Health and Safety, and Nutrition.

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll earn a certificate that qualifies you to work in preschools and daycares across BC, as well as take up roles as a Substitute Education Assistant in School District 67.

We’ve ensured that the course is not only comprehensive but also flexible, allowing you to begin at any time that suits you and offering content in over 100 languages.

What makes this course even more accessible is the funding support available through WorkBC, reflecting our mission to empower a broader audience.

You’ll find that our support extends beyond the learning platform, with a team that’s ready to assist you by email, and the added value of free job search assistance.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we back our course with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.





The Only Responsible Adult Course that Qualifies Students as Substitute Education Assistants


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25 Hour Advanced Online Training


    • Child Development, Guidance, Health, Safety, Nutrition
    • Certificate to Work in Preschools and Daycares in BC
    • Work as a Substitute Education Assistant in SD 67
    • No Set Start Date, Study at Your Convenience
    • Available in Over 100 Languages


        • Government Funded by WorkBC
        • Contact Us Anytime with Questions
        • Access on Any Device
        • Free Job Search Assistance
        • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


      Meets BC Child Care Licensing Act Requirements


      Responsible Adult Course BC

      Responsible Adult Skills

      Child Development

      Classroom Activators

      Learning Through Play


      Guiding Behavior

      Health & Safety


      Responsible Adult Course Curriculum


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      Receive Government Funding


      We’re proud to announce that our Advanced Responsible Adult Course training is funded by WorkBC, providing a significant opportunity for active job seekers in the community.

      If you are in the process of looking for employment and interested in pursuing this specialized training, we encourage you to visit your local employment center. There, you can request funding for this course, opening doors to a fulfilling career in childcare.

      This collaboration with WorkBC supports our shared mission to assist individuals in their job search.  Government funding provides oa pathway to acquire essential skills in Child Development, Guidance, Health, Safety, and Nutrition.

      Our goal with our training is to empower you to succeed in Responsible Adult roles in preschools, daycares, and educational environments, contributing to both personal growth and community development.




      Take Our Responsible Adult Course in Over 100 Languages!

      Our course, available in over 100 languages, aims to make education accessible to a diverse audience. The multiple-choice exam can be taken in your preferred language, ensuring a comfortable assessment for your linguistic needs. The certificate is printed in English.

      Our commitment to support doesn’t end with language customization; you can email us anytime for assistance. We wish to support your success thoughout the learning process.

          Responsible Adult Course BC



          Instructed by Mariah Hunter, this course is complemented by an extensive support system tailored to meet the needs of every learner.

          Whether it’s navigating login issues, troubleshooting unexpected problems, configuring language settings, clarifying any aspect of the course content, or seeking guidance for exams, out team is available via email to assist.

          Our attentive and personalized approach ensures that students have the resources and confidence they need to succeed in their educational journey.

                  Instructor Mariah Hunter

                  Student Testimonials

                  Completing my Responsible Adult Course was a positive experience.

                  The layout of the course was easy to navigate and the course modules were well written.

                  I enjoyed the prompts to take breaks, and the activities suggested for the breaks.

                  I think the Responsible Adult Course offered through Head Start Online School is a great course!

                  Grace Okello

                  I found the online Responsible Adult Course to be extremely educational.

                  Mariah was a great teacher as she replied straight away to questions I had. I have recommended her to several people!

                  Thanks so much!


                  Leah Nicole

                  The Responsible Adult Course BC is easy to access! As a result our WorkBC centre has purchased seats for our clients. 

                  During the training Head Start is always supportive and responsive! Most importantly there is real-time support for our students.

                  Head Start is our go-to for Responsible Adult training!

                  Angela Williams

                  Centre Manager, WorkBC Maple Ridge

                  Key Points

                  19 Years of Age or Older

                  Login Instructions Sent by Email

                  Flexible Start, No Set Dates

                  Receive Certificate for Job Search

                  Inclusive Training


                  Any Language

                  The Responsible Adult Course is available in over 100 languages.  We welcome international students and those new to Canada.  If your language isn’t on our course let us know, we can add it!


                  Training for Everyone


                  WorkBC Funded

                  WorkBC Funds our Responsible Adult Course training.  Visit your local employment centre to request funding for this course. Applicants must be active job seekers. 


                  Inclusive Training

                  We support inclusive training.  Students that need extra help can receive assistance taking this course.  The goal is to ensure students understand the information.  The method of delivery is flexible.

                  Great course. Easy to navigate through. I would recommend this course for all new parents also. A lot of great information to know and look for when children are growing up through stages. It was well put together and easy to read. Kept me interested. Quizzes were very handy.


                  The Responsible Adult Course online training I took was very valuable. The information I learned through this course helps me in my current job.

                  In addition it opens up other opportunities in the future. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to work with children.  Thank you,

                  Melia D.

                  The Responsible Adult Online Course was very easy to understand, and taught what skills a responsible adult should aquire.

                  After getting the certification, I was able to find a job at a daycare!

                  Katie Suen

                  Enrolling in the online Responsible Adult Course was easier to do than expected. 

                  It surpassed my expectations especially in terms of course content.  I was also learning a lot at my own pace. 

                  During the course Mariah was very generous in sharing her knowledge. She was there whenever I needed clarification.

                  Lucky Malveda

                  I really enjoyed the course. I am 66 years old and have 2 adult children and a Nana of one (so far) .

                  The course was a very good refresher for me. As you tend to forget a lot over the years 😀.

                  I have worked and volunteered at schools for years and have now decided to help out at a local daycare.

                  Thanks to this course I am able to do that. Thanks so much.

                  Debbie Pike

                  The Responsible Adult Course BC was very informative and simple to grasp.

                  I gained alot of practical knowledge that has made me more confident in my ability to interact with children.

                  I highly recommend this course !

                  Leyna Moulden

                  I loved having the opportunity to complete my Responsible Adult course through Head Start Online School.

                  It gave me the chance to further my education while working an online job and taking care of a toddler.

                  I recommend Head Start Online School to anyone looking to receive their Responsible Adult certificate.

                  Kimberley P.

                  Head Start Online Responsible Adult Course was easy to follow/understand and I was able to go at my own pace.

                  Provided lots of documents I was able to save for future reference.

                  Great experience!

                  Morgan Mitchison

                  The Responsible Adult Course BC is great!

                  It was very easy to access and easy to navigate. 

                  Also I had everything I needed to be successful in my course.

                  Would definitely recommend for those wanting to learn online!

                  Ellie MacDonald

                  Just completed my Responsible Adult Course online with Mariah. The information was extremely informative and I plan on going back on this information as need be. The course itself was extremely easy to understand and I was able to finish the entire course in just 1 full day!

                  Ashley Verhoef

                  Learning this course was eye-opening and enjoyable. There were different forms of teaching throughout this course which extended from reading, quizzes, videos, and guidebooks.

                  Johanna Liu

                  The courses provided a very relevant information as a preparation to work with children as a responsible adult. It explained the proper ways of guiding the children and promoting a heathy and safe environment for all. Thank you very much!

                  Anabelle Sagala

                  It was a great course, very useful, very easy to follow. I had a good time doing it.

                  Rasha Alkallas

                  Very easy to navigate and thorough course! Lots of helpful quizzes, in depth information and user friendly interface!

                  林芳芳 (Linda)

                  The course they offered was quick and straight-forward but had a solid amount of information that all felt valuable.

                  Jasmine Banga (jasmineb)

                  Loved completing the course. The self-paced and easy accessibility really made receiving my certificate enjoyable.

                  Jason Senna

                  The course is really great. It outlines all the main stages of child’s development.

                  Ekaterina Rogatina

                  Very effective and self paced! This allowed me to manage my time better!

                  Robina N

                  very fun course and quick one.

                  Sadaf Jelali

                  Love that I was even able to do this off my phone!


                  Very straight forward course loved it

                  Zainab Nawabi

                  This learning experience has enriched my understanding as a responsible adult with its systematic explanations.. And thank you for making it workable for me to work on this course while attending to my busy work commitment. I would highly recommend Head Start online school to other interested learners!


                  Emelia Prayogo

                  My name is Tatiana C and I loved the Responsible Adult Course BC.  It was such a great experience for me, I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

                  For example, I gained more skills and knowledge by doing this training.  As a result I recommended the Responsible Adult Course to my sister and she’s also loved it.

                  Thank you for the opportunity. 

                  Tatiana Calzeda

                  Head Start Online School allowed me to get certification on my own time and while working.

                  Excellent customer service, enrollment is easy and the course content is excellent! Highly recommend.

                  PS: I meant every word. Thank you for a great experience!

                  Alexandra C.

                  I loved that the Responsible Adult Course let’s you complete it at your own pace.

                  In addition the quizzes were very helpful in understanding the material better.

                  I appreciated that it encourages you to take breaks so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

                  Baljot Sandu

                  I found the online Responsible Adult Course thorough and easy to follow.

                  I received my certificate almost right away and was able to find employment the following day.

                  This was convenient and affordable. Would recommend to everyone! 

                  Shannon Holt

                  I just wanted to thank Head Start Online School for helping me complete my Responsible Adult course.

                  Every moment of the online coursework was interesting and very eye opening for me.

                  Because you offered this course online, I was able to complete it quickly and efficiently.

                  Childcare is my passion, and thank you for being a part of my journey!  

                  Alexis Fontaine

                  The course was very straightforward and easy to navigate!

                  Made getting my Responsible Adult Course completed so much easier!

                  Would recommend this site to anyone looking around. 😊

                  Aidan Slanina

                  I recently completed the Responsible Adult course with Head Start Online School.

                  I found the course to be very well organized and easy to navigate. The information is clear, concise and easy to understand.

                  I also appreciated that the completion certificate was delivered quickly.  

                  Thank you! 

                  Kerri Nardulli

                  I am enjoying to take Responsible adult course.

                  Also I can read all materials in my original language.

                  It’s amazing!

                  Svitlana Rozum

                  Easy to get through and extremely informative! I honestly think that every parent should take this course as it teaches you so many things that will benefit everybody’s daily life!

                  Jessica Dallyn

                  The Responsible Adult Course is an online and self-paced course which means you can do it on your own time. It has essential information and resources about childhood development, early learning, and safety guidelines. Also, there are lesson activators after each module to help you remember to move and stretch after studying. Thank you for providing us with the basic foundation of early learning and development =)

                  Rafaela Queiroz F. Cordeiro

                  I was able to complete this course at my own pace – whenever and where-ever. I was provided with many helpful resources that I will definitely use!

                  Giulia Repole

                  This course was a positive experience for me. I am new to Canada and with this course I can go to work for a child care centre. I am very happy!

                  Vera Keller

                  It was amazing to be able to work at my own pace. I felt like the course had a lot of good information.

                  Amy Roy-Guevarra

                  So easy to get through and so nice because you get to do it on your time! Super informative too!

                  Camryn Bruyns

                  The course is set up in a clear and understanding way, easy to navigate and understand.

                  Sarah Roberts

                  Very informative. Easy to review. I recommed every person to learn this information.

                  Grant Hebert

                  Very impormative and knowlegdable, it is very helpful for me. Thanks so much.

                  Genelyn Lalonde

                  Super informative and interesting courses!

                  sharanpreet kaur

                  Good, I can learn about children from their program!

                  Momoyo Kawai

                  Helpful resource to prepare you to be a responsible adult.

                  Allena Mott

                  I enjoyed completing the responsible adult course, lots of great information. I was able to complete it in 4 evenings. Lots of great information.. would encourage soon to be parents to take the course as well. I would definitely take the other courses they have as well.

                  Caroll Menjivar

                  Centre Manager, WorkBC Maple Ridge

                  My name is Angelina, I took the responsible adult course with Head Start Online School.

                  The course was extremely easy to get started, and you can do it all on your own pace which I loved.

                  I learned so much from doing this course, I strongly recommend it! 

                  Angelina Robson

                  Your Responsible Adult Course BC was so helpful in all aspects. For example the format and the platform made it so easy to learn. 

                  As well I learned about the responsibilities we have as adults.  To this end we can be the best we can be as we teach our children. Thank you. 

                  Anthony Enston

                  I took this course to become a daycare substitute. The course was straightforward and very informative.

                  I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to follow.  And the testing process was easy.

                  Most importantly I had a question for the instructor and she got back to me within the same day. I cannot recommend this business enough!

                  Crystal-Lynn Copely

                  This online course is very informative and easy to follow. I like the Quiz in each section at the end to review what I’ve learned.  

                  Also, I can learn this both in English & my first language which is very helpful to understand. 

                  I strongly recommend this course to everyone include whose English as a second language.
                  Yumi Y.

                  Love the customer service and keeping in contact with all the students!

                  Loved that it was easy to understand and I could use it for my job.

                  I started the online course in Canada and finished it on my vacation to Thailand!

                  All I needed was my phone and an internet connection 🙂  

                  Thank you and kind regards,
                  Nicole Nesdoly

                  My experience with Head Start Online School was very simple!

                  I love how convenient it was for me.

                  Thank you for helping me get the certificate I needed!  Thank you!

                  Nazafarin Ahadzadeh

                  I am so grateful for Head Start Online School.

                  Everything was so easy to set up. The course was clear and to the point.

                  They have great support for you along the way.

                  I felt confident in my new job after completing my course with Head Start!  

                  Thanks 🙂
                  Catherine Toth

                  I strongly recommend this course to everyone who speaks English as a second language.
                  Yumi Y.

                  Good Course with didactic chapters, educative quizzes, and additional support such as books, booklets, and videos to help us better comprehend amount concepts and practices with children in different Milestones.
                  Lee Campos

                  This Responsible Adult Course is very helpful and informative. It is very easy to navigate. Mariah was also helpful and responsive to any concerns and inquiries. Thank you so much! I highly recommend getting this course.
                  MhyRustan Roque

                  The adult responsibility course was really informative and it had a good easy understanding literature which is feasible for your children related work and daily life.
                  Mahdie Mirrahimi

                  This course was very helpful. It took a time to read and do some quizzes but I enjoyed learning. Thank you!

                  Recently took this course. For such a short course, I learned essential skills quickly with easy to understand resources and videos.

                  I learn a lot from this class, It makes me feel more confident to follow my career as an ECEA.
                  Gil Mara

                  so helpful to add to resumes as a booster! This course landed me a start to my career!

                  Helpful and thorough course. I think it would be more engaging in real life or perhaps through Zoom.
                  Laura Vautour

                  very easy way to learn the course with the help of quizzes
                  Harleen Kaur

                  Self-paced, very detailed, and great review questions.
                  hello julieto

                  Learned a lot. I will recommend. 
                  Yangjen A

                  quick and easy way to get certified
                  Amanda Jin




                  Any Device


                  The Responsible Adult Course is Fully Responsive


                  Responsible Adult Course Certificate

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                  Enroll in the Online Responsible Adult Course for $95

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  What is a Responsible Adult?

                  The BC Child Care Licensing Regulation defines a Responsible Adult as a person who is qualified to act as a responsible adult under section 29 which requires a responsible adult to:

                  • be at least 19 years of age
                  • be able to provide care and mature guidance to children
                  • have completed a course, or a combination of courses, of at least 20 hours duration in child development, guidance, health and safety or nutrition, and
                  • have relevant work experience

                  Fact Sheet with full details can be found at this link.

                  Who Can Work as a Responsible Adult?

                  A responsible adult is a person who is 19 years of age, has completed at least 20 hours of training, has experience working with children, and can provide care and mature guidance to children.

                  Why Does a Responsible Adult Need Training?

                  It is important that people who work with children have current training so that children who attend a licensed child care facility receive the best possible care and have a healthy start to life.

                  What Sort of Training is Needed to Qualify as a Responsible Adult?

                  Section 29 of the BC Child Care Licensing Regulation requires at least 20 hours of training in the subject area of child development, guidance, health and safety or nutrition.

                  Does Responsible Adult Training Have to be a College or University course?

                  Individuals may be trained in a variety of ways – online, in workshops, conferences, seminars or classes offered through local recreation centres, or through working with an experienced child care provider who can share knowledge and skills.

                  Head Start Online Schools’ online Responsible Adult Course is 20 hours in length, meets the BC Child Care Licensing requirements, and is in the process of being accredited.

                  Do I Need to Renew the Responsible Adult Course Training at Any Point?

                  The 20 hour Responsible Adult Course is a one-time requirement.  However, continuing to update skills and knowledge enhances an individuals ability to provide quality care to individuals.


                  Can a Person Work as a Responsible Adult Before They Have Completed the Responsible Adult Course?

                  Yes, it may be possible; however, licensees must discuss this with a licensing officer to ensure understanding and compliance with the Act and regulation. A licensee should develop a training schedule and help staff plan to meet this requirement.

                  Who Can I Contact For More Information?

                  Email Head Start Online School at learnwithheadstart@gmail.com.  You can also contact the local health authority community care licensing program and speak with a licensing officer.

                  When Does the Responsible Adult Course Begin?

                  Head Start Online School’s online Responsible Adult Course is self-paced.  This means the course begins when you are ready to login, and you complete the course after you have gone through all the lessons.  There are no set dates, no time limits, and you have lifetime access to the training materials.

                  What Should I Know About the Final Exam?

                  The final exam for the Responsible Adult Course is open book, meaning you are allowed to reference the course materials when answering the questions.  The exam is multiple choice and students require a 70% grade to pass.  Students can re-take the exam as many times as they need to pass.  There are no exam fees or certificate fees.

                  When Will I Receive my Responsible Adult Course Certificate?

                  Certificates of completion are emailed to students immediately after completing the final exam.  If you have not received your certificate, please email us, and we will send you your certificate asap!

                  How do I Select Another Language for the Responsible Adult Course?

                  Head Start Online School’s online Responsible Adult Course is available in over 100 languages using Google Chrome as your browser.  Right-click on the top of the course page, and you will see a window with a translate option.  Click on where it says translate, and a window at the top of the page will come up with three little dots in it. Click on the dots and you will see an arrow and a drop down menu. Click on the arrow and scroll down to select your language from the drop down menu.

                  If you don’t see your language listed, email us – we can add your language to the translate option.

                  Is this Course Accredited?

                  Our online Responsible Adult Course is accredited through ICOES – International Council for Online Course Standards. ICOES is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and improving online education, assuring program quality, and enhancing excellence and professionalism in virtual learning.