We know what it’s like to struggle with barriers to employment. We learned how to work from home and earn our income online.  You can too.

Introduction Video


What We Offer

We teach students to use A.I. to create and sell online courses.

We support and train people of all abilities to earn income online with this step-by-step online training.

Our efforts are focused on helping those who aren’t able to work regular jobs due to health issues.

That being said, our training is available to anyone.


Create Online Course
Study Online

Course Sections


 Use A.I. to 

– Research and Validate Course Topics

– Create Course Outline and Content

– Build a Website and Sales Page

– Create a Compelling Offer

– Market Your Course

Why Sell Online Courses?


    • Low cost – write the course yourself and sell digitally. No physical products to ship, courses are delivered by email.
    • Do the work once – write the course, build the website, let people know about it. That’s it. Everything else is automated through your website.
    • Get paid over & over again – each sale you make is paying you for work you have already done.
    • The effort it takes to set up an online course can support you with steady income for the rest of your life.
Studt Online - Work From Home


Hands-On Support


All students get access to course instructor by email and chat

We walk students through technical aspects of the training

Contact us to validate your course ideas



Study Online


Our online training is a combination of written lessons and pre-recorded video tutorials.

We show students step-by-step how to create an online course.

We share tools and resources to make the job easy, from sales page tutorials to A.I.  writing software.

Online Webinar Training

Student Prerequisites


    • Intermediate Computer Skills: Includes a familiarity with internet browsing, word processing and file management.
    • English Proficiency: Written course content is available in over 100 languages.  Email and chat support conducted in English.
    • Commitment to Completing  Course
    • Self-Motivation and Discipline: Ideal student qualities include self-drive, discipline, commitment and patience.
    • Solution-Oriented Mindset: Open to receiving feedback, willing to problem-solve and troubleshoot issues as they arise.
        Partner with an Expert


        No Course Idea?


        If you’re not sure what information you could sell online, we have a solution.

        We teach how to partner with experts who currently teach a course off-line.

        By creating a partnership with them, you can share the profits of your online course sales.

        Alternatively you can purchase the re-sell rights for their course, and keep any profits made from your sales.



        Not Techy?  No Problem


        We show you all the technical steps to create your course and build your website.

        However, you don’t need to learn all of this and do it yourself.

        We offer a Done-For-You service that takes care of all the technical parts of the training.  Just write your course and we will handle the rest for you!

        Fiverr Experts Can Help


        Your Instructor


        Mariah Hunter is an online course creator and teacher. She is passionate about helping others learn to sell online.

        Mariah struggled with health issues that prevented her from working regular jobs. Over time she taught herself how to earn a living online.

        Helping others in similar circumstances by sharing this knowledge is a dream she’s had for many years. Mariah welcomes you to take the leap of faith with her, so you can earn income online, too.

        Instructor Mariah Hunter

        Key Points

        Open to Everyone

        Login Instructions Sent by Email

        Flexible Start, No Set Dates

        Email and Phone Support



        Any Language

        This training is available in over
        100 languages.  We welcome international students and those new to Canada. If your language isn’t on our course let us know, we can add it!


        Training for Everyone


        Government Funded

        Visit your local employment
        centre to request funding
        for this course.
        Applicants must be active
        job seekers to apply. 


        Inclusive Training

        We support inclusive training.  Students that need extra help can receive assistance taking this course.  The goal is to ensure students understand the information. 


        Any Device


        Our Create and Sell Online Course is Fully Responsive




        100+ Languages


        Training Available in Over 100 Languages

        Using Google Chrome as your browser, right-click on top bar of course window to choose your language.

        Responsible Adult Course BC
        Government Funding





        Government Funding


        Get sponsored to take this online training.

        Contact your local employment centre and request a meeting with a job counsellor to confirm your eligibility.

        Participants must be registered at an employment centre and be engaged in an active job search to qualify.


        GET started today!

        Build Online Courses Faster and with Less Effort

        Create and Sell Online Courses

        with A.I.

        In this self-paced online training you will learn how to use A.I. to:


          • Research and Validate Course Ideas
          • Niche Down Topic
          • Create Course Outline and Content
          • Create Website and Sales Page
          • Test Your Course
          • Optimize Your Website
          • Market Your Course