ECEA Training

Early Childhood Education Assistant Program

Government Funded ECEA Training


We are newly partnered with Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, which offers government funded ECEA training through their EMPOW3R program.

EMPOW3R is a new and free employment program delivered by Kiwassa in partnership with VEEES, tailored for adults who have experienced forms of violence, abuse and trauma, who are looking to find meaningful and rewarding employment.

Please note – if you do not identify as such (refugee, domestic violence, trauma) you can still register.  

The program is part online, and part in-person in Burnaby.  Applicants must live in Vancouver to be eligible.

**There are only 12 seats per class, and October 2022 and Jan 2023 have filled up quickly.  Please email me to be put on a waiting list.  We are looking forward to providing a 100% online ECEA training in the future.


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