Responsible Adult Job Search Assistance

Job Search Assistance


At Head Start Online School, we believe your journey with us doesn’t end at course completion. We are committed to supporting your transition from student to professional, making the job search process easier, more efficient, and successful. This page suggests a range of free employment services designed to give you a competitive edge.

First, do a search on, the HRDC Job Bank or WorkBC’s website.  Enter in “responsible adult” or “childcare assistant” and the city in which you live.  Then contact the employer and send in a resume and cover letter.  It is possible to upload your resume onto so potential employers can connect with you directly about a position coming available. 

You can receive email job alerts from Indeed for the Responsible Adult job postings.  This is a good way to find out about new job postings as they become available.

Click Here to Learn How to Job Search on Indeed


Resume Optimization

Your resume is often your first impression on a potential employer. Use job search experts to review and optimize your resume, tailoring it to specific industries and roles to make sure you stand out from the crowd.  WorkBC offers this service for free.  Contact your local WorkBC centre to book an appointment.

Learn more about resume writing here

And interviewing skills here:  Interviewing and Resume Writing in English

Second, visit your local WorkBC employment centre to look on their job boards.  They have many local job listings that aren’t listed online.  You can also speak with an employment counsellor and they will assist you with your job search. They also host workshops on writing resumes and practicing interviewing skills.

Visit this WorkBC link for sample interview questions.

We also recommend these free courses on Coursera:

Interview Research and Preparation  
The Art of the Job Interview


Third, contact the preschools and daycares near to you, and let them know you are looking for employment.  Ask if you can send them your resume, or even volunteer with them so you can see if it would be a good fit.  You can learn more about the hidden job market at his link – Navigate the Hidden Job Market.


LinkedIn Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile is very useful. It’s like an online resume where you can show off your work history, skills, and education. You can connect with other people who do similar work and learn from them. It’s also a place where job offers can find you. Having a professional LinkedIn profile can open up job opportunities for you. Learn more here and here : LinkedIn for Career Development

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills can differentiate you in today’s competitive job market. Check out these free Coursera training modules focused on enhancing your communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills – all vital for workplace success.  View this free resource: Soft Skills Training


Helpful Job Readiness Trainings:

Assimilating Into Your New Job

English for Career Development

WorkBC Podcast – Get a Job!


WorkBC Employment Centres