From Students of the Responsible Adult Course

The Responsible Adult Course BC is easy to access! Our WorkBC centre has purchased seats for our clients.  During the training Head Start is always supportive and responsive! Most importantly there is real-time support for our students.  Head Start our go-to for Responsible Adult training!

Angela Williams
Centre Manager
WorkBC Maple Ridge


It was very good experience. i enjoyed and learn new things which i don’t know which is very useful and important in my life.

Manjot Singh

I found the online Responsible Adult Course to be extremely educational. Mariah was a great teacher as she replied straight away to questions I had. I have recommended her to several people!

Thanks so much!

Leah Nicole


The Responsible Adult Course online training I took was very valuable. The information I learned through this course helps me in my current job.  It also opens up other opportunities in the future. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to work with children.  Thank you,

Melia D.

My name is Angelina, I took the responsible adult course with Head Start Online School.  The course was extremely easy to get started, and you can do it all on your own pace which I loved.  I learned so much from doing this course, I strongly recommend it! 

Angelina Robson


My name is Tatiana C and I loved the Responsible Adult Course BC.  It was such a great experience for me, I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  I gained more skills and knowledge by doing this training.  I recommended the Responsible Adult Course to my sister and she’s also loved it. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Tatiana Calzada


Comprehensive course material. Easy to navigate. Hassle free generation of completion certifcate. Do at own pace. Could also directly email Mariah for any queries. 

Vidhi Chitalia



“The Responsible Adult Online Course was very easy to understand, and taught what skills a responsible adult should aquire.
After getting the certification, I was able to find a job at a daycare!”

Katie Suen

More Responsible Adult Course Testimonials!


The course was way easier then I expected it to be, I like how it was detailed knowledgeable and short quizzes. And at the end of every chapter it makes you stand up and take a break! Great course!

Kaitlin Lahey


My experience with the Responsible Adult Certificate course was awesome! the layout of the information before the quizzes were in way that was helpful to keep it fresh in the brain before the testing. Would definitely recommend anyone who is debating to take the course as it is well worth it to have 🙂

Alexis Hailey


This online course is in all honesty the best online course I’ve ever taken. So easy to pause and pick up where you left off, has so many pages of useful information and didn’t even feel like a test. I know so many people who get test anxiety including myself and there was no feelings of anxiousness.

Lilly Robinson


I completed your online Responsible Adult Course last month. I simply loved it! The content, the presentation, the didactics. It became an interesting course and my performance was better. I recommend and wish to take more courses with you. I had already purchased this course from another company and it was a horrible experience.

Harumi Ueno


Head Start Online School allowed me to get certification on my own time and while working. Excellent customer service, enrollment is easy and the course content is excellent! Highly recommend.

Alexandra C.

PS: I meant every word. Thank you for a great experience!


Your Responsible Adult Course BC was so helpful in all aspects. For example the format and the platform made it so easy to learn.  As well I learned about the responsibilities we have as adults.  To this end we can be the best we can be as we teach our children. Thank you. 

Anthony Enston


First, enrolling in the online Responsible Adult Course was easier to do than expected.

Second, it surpassed my expectations especially in terms of course content.

Third, I was also learning a lot at my own pace.  During the course Mariah was very generous in sharing her knowledge. 

Lastly, she was there whenever I needed clarification.

Lucky Malveda


Completing my Responsible Adult Course was a positive experience.

The layout of the course was easy to navigate and the course modules were well written.

For instance I particularly enjoyed the prompts to take breaks, and the activities suggested for the breaks.

Overall, I think the Responsible Adult Course offered through Head Start Online School is a great course.

Grace Okello


I loved that the Responsible Adult Course let’s you complete it at your own pace.


In addition the quizzes were very helpful in understanding the material better.


I appreciated that it encourages you to take breaks so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. 


Baljot Sandhu



I took this course to become a daycare substitute. The course was straightforward and very informative. I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to follow.  And the testing process was easy. Most importantly I had a question for the instructor and she got back to me within the same day. I cannot recommend this business enough!

Crystal-Lynn Copley

And More…


Great course! Easy to register and it is very simple to navigate the course. Would recommend to anyone wanting to work with kids.

Miranda T


It was useful, simple and very important to anyone who wants to deal with children. Do not hesitate to take this course if you are concerned about the safety of your child.

Waad Shurbaji


After much research on 20 hour Responsible Adult courses, I decided to take the one from Head Start Online School as I read great reviews and I could take it at my own pace. It was informative, helpful, and easy for someone like me with ADHD and troubles concentrating to take! I loved the activation breaks throughout and they helped me to stay focused and on track. The content was filled with valuable information that I know will inform the way I approach the kids I work with, and my own kids one day. I believe any intended parent should take this course, in fact. It was nice getting to chat about some of the things I learned with my husband and the added benefit of getting to study at my own pace helped to make it as easy a process as possible. Would highly recommend this course and Head Start to anyone. Thanks Mariah/Head Start Online School!!

Brenna Coles


I really enjoyed the course. I am 66 years old and have 2 adult children and a Nana of one (so far) . The course was a very good refresher for me. As you tend to forget a lot over the years 😀. I have worked and volunteered at schools for years and have now decided to help out at a local daycare. Thanks to this course I am able to do that. Thanks so much.

Debbie Pike



I found the online Responsible Adult Course thorough and easy to follow. I received my certificate almost right away and was able to find employment the following day. This was convenient and affordable. Would recommend to everyone. 


Shannon Holt 



This online course is very informative and easy to follow. I like the Quiz in each section at the end to review what I’ve learned.  Also, I can learn this both in English & my first language which is very helpful to understand. 

I strongly recommend this course to everyone include whose English as a second language.


Yumi Y.



The Responsible Adult Course BC was very informative and simple to grasp. I gained alot of practical knowledge that has made me more confident in my ability to interact with children. I highly recommend this course !

Leyna Moulden 


I just wanted to thank Head Start Online School for helping me complete my Responsible Adult course. Every moment of the online coursework was interesting and very eye opening for me. Because you offered this course online, I was able to complete it quickly and efficiently. Childcare is my passion, and thank you for being a part of my journey!  Thank you,


Alexis Fontaine



Love the customer service and keeping in contact with all the students! Loved that it was easy to understand and I could use it for my job. I started the online course in Canada and finished it on my vacation to Thailand! All I needed was my phone and an internet connection 🙂  

Thank you and kind regards,
Noelle  Nesdoly


Final Page of Testimonials!


The Responsible Adult Course helped me to recollect some general basic ideas of children’s development and positive guidance. Also, I have learned some very interesting facts and lots of new games. Definitely recommend this course for educators and parents.


EKaterina Mashtakova


Glad I chose Head Start Online School to take the Responsible Adult course. It was very informative and easy to follow along and the mini quizzed helped me retain the information. Will look into the other course offered in the future.


Justine Brown


Very easy to use and navigate. I was able to stop and start a lot without any issues and switch from device to device. Learned some new things and the price was right. It’s going on my resume so I can work with my local school district.


Kathryn Wiebe


I took the Responsible Adult course. Great course, really good to have on your resume when working with children. Really easy if you break it up into portions like I did. Definitely recommend!


Patience Thoresen


It was a great experience doing the course without any hassle. The biggest advantage is one can complete the course on one’s own pace. All time 24X7 support is available from the course administrators. Overall, it was the pleasant experience.


Gurprit Kaur


I loved having the opportunity to complete my Responsible Adult course through Head Start Online School. It gave me the chance to further my education while working an online job and taking care of a toddler. I recommend Head Start Online School to anyone looking to receive their Responsible Adult certificate.


Kimberly P


The course was very straightforward and easy to navigate! Made getting my Responsible Adult Course completed so much easier! Would recommend this site to anyone looking around. 😊

Aidan Slanina


My experience with Head Start Online School was very simple! I love how convenient it was for me. Thank you for helping me get the certificate I needed!  Thank you!

Nazafarin Ahadzadeh



Head Start Online Responsible Adult Course was easy to follow/understand and I was able to go at my own pace. Provided lots of documents I was able to save for future reference. Great experience.

Morgan Mitchinson 


I recently completed the Responsible Adult course with Head Start Online School. I found the course to be very well organized and easy to navigate. The information is clear, concise and easy to understand. I also appreciated that the completion certificate was delivered quickly.  

Thank you, 

Kerri Nardulli


I am so grateful for Head Start Online School. Everything was so easy to set up. The course was clear and to the point. They have great support for you along the way. I felt confident in my new job after completing my course with Head Start!  

Catherine Toth



The Responsible Adult Course BC is great! It was very easy to access and easy to navigate.  Also I had everything I needed to be successful in my course. Would definitely recommend for those wanting to learn online!

Ellie MacDonald