Course Languages

Over 100 Languages to Choose from with Google Translate!

Responsible Adult Course Languages

Take the online Responsible Adult Course in 100 languages.  Watch video to see how!


Using Google Chrome as your browser, right-click on the top bar of the course page, and you will see a window appear that has a translate option.  

Click on where it says translate, and a window at the top of the page will come up with three little dots in it.

Click on the dots and you will see an arrow and a drop down menu.  Click on the arrow and scroll down to select your language from the drop down menu.  Then click the blue Translate button.



If you don’t see your language listed, please email us – we can add your language to the translate option.  

Note – for Farsi please scroll down and choose Persian.

**Please note, Google Translate does not translate text on images, videos or pdfs.  If you find text in the course that is in English instead of your selected language, you can skip reading that.  The final exam is only on material that is translated by Google Translate.