Government Funding

For Responsible Adult and Home Day Care Course

WorkBC Funding for Short-Term Job Trainings


Apply for the Responsible Adult Course or Home Day Care Course funding through your local WorkBC office.

First contact your local employment centre.

Second, apply to be a client. 

Third, speak with an employment counsellor to see if you qualify for this program.

During this time be engaged in an active job search.   

Scroll down for a list of WorkBC centres you can contact.


Note for WorkBC Staff

** Please call or email us to enroll a client.  After that we can invoice you directly for the training.  Meanwhile, we will enroll your client manually. 

Pay by credit card, EFT or cheque.  Payment is due once the client completes the program

WorkBC and the client will receive a certificate of completion

All we need to get started is your client’s name, email address, and email to send the invoice to.

Head Start School makes this training easy to access! Therefore our WorkBC centre purchased seats for the Responsible Adult Course. 

During the training Head Start was supportive and responsive! Most importantly there is real-time support for students.

Consequently Head Start is our go-to for Responsible Adult Course training!

Angela Williams
Centre Manager
WorkBC Maple Ridge

Work BC funds the Responsible Adult Course

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