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For Responsible Adult, Home Day Care and ECEA Training

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FREE Responsible Adult Course, Home Day Care Course and ECEA Training


Apply for funding for the Responsible Adult Course or Home Day Care Course through your local WorkBC office.

Contact your local employment centre and apply to be a client.  Speak with an employment counsellor to see if you qualify for this program.

During this time be engaged in an active job search. Scroll down below for a list of WorkBC centres you can contact.

Note for WorkBC Staff

** Please email us to enroll a client.  All we need to get started is your client’s name and email address and we will enroll your client manually.

Please also include an email address for us to send the invoice to. Once the client completes the program we will invoice you and include a copy of your clients certificate of completion.

We accept payments by credit card, EFT or cheque.

FREE ECEA Training


We are partnered with Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, which offers government funded ECEA training through their EMPOW3R program.

EMPOW3R is a free employment training program delivered by Kiwassa. It is tailored for adults who have experienced forms of violence, abuse and trauma, who are looking to find meaningful and rewarding employment.

There are new groups starting throughout the year specifically for Survivor identifying applicants.

Please note – if you do not identify as such (refugee, domestic violence, trauma) you may still be able to register.

Please visit contact Kiwassa Neighbourhood House for complete details.

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