Responsible Adult Skills

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Responsible Adult Course BC | Head Start Online School

The 25 hour Enhanced Responsible Adult course offered by Head Start Online School is a government mandated training for those who want to work with children in BC.

This training teaches students skills necessary for working with children in an early childhood education environment.

Qualities of Responsible Adults include maturity and responsibility when working with children, and well-developed interpersonal skills.

In this course you will learn how to assist in creating a balanced childcare environment with active and quiet activities, outdoor and indoor play, as well as individual and group activities.

Training includes how to assist in child-directed activities and care routines.


You will learn how to support children in expressing themselves. Developing active listening skills and responding with open questions encourages healthy communication development in children.

Children learn and grow towards independence when adults model positive behaviour and give positive feedback.

A childcare assistant supports children with problem solving and encourages children to participate in new experiences.

Diversity, inclusion, and acceptance are core values in early childhood education.

You will learn how to address behavior challenges employing positive guidance and redirection.

It is beneficial for Responsible Adults to build trust and positive relationships with families involved in their daycare.

Showing personal initiative, good planning, and organizational skills helps Responsible Adults contribute significantly to the well-being and development of children in their care.

Learn these skills and more with our 25 hour Enhanced Responsible Adult online training.